12th Zinc Biology Asia/Oceania Regional Zoom Meeting

Category : Events | Zinc - Asia/Oceania Posted on 2022-10-11 19:25:22
12th Zinc Biology Asia/Oceania Regional Zoom Meeting

Speaker: Professor Matt Sweet.
 Title: " Zinc as an antimicrobial weapon of the innate immune system". 

Zinc is essential for immune function and maintenance of homeostasis. Macrophages are key cells of the innate immune system, providing frontline defence against infections. These "big-eaters" use pattern recognition receptors such as the toll-like receptors (TLRs) to detect and destroy invading microbes and other threats. This talk will provide an overview of the use of TLR-inducible zinc toxicity as a direct antimicrobial weapon of macrophages, as well as subversion of this pathway by bacterial pathogens. The use of bacterial reporter strains and dual single cell RNA sequencing of both host and pathogen to both track and delineate novel players in this antimicrobial pathway will also be described.

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Meeting ID: 879 9577 1833
Password: 73448819

Contact: Leigh Ackland; Meeting organizer of ISZB-Asia/Oceania: leigh.ackland@deakin.edu.au

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