The International Society for Zinc Biology (ISZB) was founded in 2007, as a nonprofit organization. Our driving goal is to bring together scientists from a diversity of fields with a common interest in the structural, biochemical, genetic and physiological aspects of zinc biology. Membership is open to individuals from any nation, including scientists, students, physicians, regulators, sponsors, and any other professionals interested in zinc biology.

The society will organize and support meetings to encourage exchange of information. We strongly believe that the ISZB will embrace all the voices present in the field, and aims to encourage and sustain the growth of zinc biology research.

Constitution & Bylaws

The Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, JTEMB, is the official journal

JTEMB Website: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/journal-of-trace-elements-in-medicine-and-biology

Officials and Committee Members

Board Members: Ashley Bush, Daren Knoell, Fanis Missirlis, Hajo Hasse, Taiho Kambe.

Membership Committee: Fudi Wang (Chair), Paul Adlard, Daren Knoell, Artur Krezel, Sang Won Suh.

Publication/Advertisement Committee: Fanis Missirlis (Chair), Elias Aizenman, Richard Dyck, Junya Ito, Alberto Massarotti.

Meeting Committee: Lothar Rink.

Secretary: Jian Hu. Deputy secretary: TBN.

Treasurer: Gloria Salazar. Deputy treasurer: Yang Li.

ISZB Thanks


The ISZB board and members thank Prof. Glen Andrews for his service as the Founding President of the ISZB 2008-2011 Prof Andrews, a pioneer in research of zinc homeostasis. He was among the first to identify mechanisms underlying the activation of the cellular sensor MTF-1 by zinc. He then continued to study the function and regulation of the zinc transporters, Zip proteins.


The ISZB is seeking members within the field of zinc biology.

ISZB membership consists of researchers, post-doc, clinician and students who are interested in understanding the roles of zinc in biological systems. Individuals who have already contributed to the field of zinc biology or those who are oriented to this research are invited.

In order to become a member fill out our form (including personal information, a short CV, motivation to join us); do not hesitate to contact us for more information (email to fwang@zju.edu.cn.

This will be forwarded to our membership committee. Once your membership will be approved you will get an e-mail with a notice and a link to our membership payment page. Membership fees for 2024 are $100US for regular and $60 for Early stage researcher (ESRs). Students are free of charge.

Payments are done via the PayPal secured website.

ISZB respects the privacy of the applicants and is committed to protect personal information of the applicants and members. All the data will be used for internal ISZB purposes only and will not be forwarded without consent of the applicant to a third party.

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