Frederickson Prize


Prof. Christopher Frederickson

He was among the first scientists who revealed a role for zinc in the brain. In the 1980’s his seminal studies identified a pool of mobile zinc ions in present in subpopulations of excitatory synaptic terminals. He then led a series of important investigations determining the role synaptic zinc plays in neuronal function and dysfunction.

His leadership in the field of Zinc Biology was crystalized by organizing the early Zinc Signals meetings, which laid the foundation for the development of the ISZB. With this prize, Dr. Frederickson’s accomplishments and contributions to the field are hereby acknowledged by the ISZB.

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The prize

The ISZB is proud to award The Christopher J. Frederickson Prize for excellence in research in the field of Zinc Biology


The Inaugural Frederickson prize was awarded in 2012 to Prof. Stephen Lippard and Prof. James McNamara for the development of novel tools to decipher the role of synaptic zinc in CA3 region of the hippocampus.


The 2014 Frederickson prize was awarded to Prof. John Weiss for his studies demonstrating the role of synaptic zinc translocation in neurodegeneration.


The 2017 Frederickson prize was awarded to Prof. Jae-young Koh for his studies on zinc, autophagy and neurodegenerative diseases.


The 2019 Frederickson prize was awarded to Prof. Wolfgang Maret for his seminal contribution to the field of Zn2+ biology, from biochemistry to Zn2+ signaling.


The 2022 Frederickson prize was awarded to Dr. Kathryn Taylor for her pioneering studies of Slc39a/ZIP transporters in cell biology and cancer, together with her long-termed contributions on the administration of ISZB.


The 2024 Frederickson prize was awarded to Prof. Elias Aizenman for his pioneering and impactful studies on zinc as a critical component of neurotoxic cell signalling pathways and his long-term contributions to ISZB. Elias served as President of the ISZB from 2011 to 2013, he played an active role in keeping the global zinc community active during the covid lockdowns with the establishment of the online “metalzoom” seminar series, and he is part of the organising committee for ISZB 2024 in Mexico. The ISZB-Award/Frederickson Prize committee also recognised his educational and outreach efforts to engage young zinc scientists, and his enthusiasm, openness, and generosity in the form of mentorship to many early career researchers within the zinc community.