Call for meeting proposals

Category : ISZB | News Posted on 2022-09-26 15:59:56
Call for meeting proposals

Dear ISZB members,


The ISZB call for meeting proposals from members to be considered by the board is now open. The deadline for these proposals is 31st Oct 2022.


We decided in the business meeting to follow the rotation for the meeting (Asia Europe North America Rest of the World). Currently we plan to have a meeting in North America for 2024, and in the rest of the world (Africa, Australia, Oceania, and South America) for 2026. On this Occasion, we will decide for both the 2024 and 2026 meetings at the same time.


When submitting proposals please include details of transport, venue, accommodation, costings, registration fees, length of meeting (including proposed dates), any trips, what meals are included and whether there is any free time for participants. Clearly, it will be easier for the board to make a positive decision on a venue if the proposal is complete.


Please submit your proposal to


Best wishes,


Toshi Fukada

The 7th President of ISZB