ICTEM 2022 Travel Awards

Category : Events | Conference Posted on 2022-02-08 08:31:11
 ICTEM 2022 Travel Awards

We are happy to announce the possibility to receive a travel award for our conference!
We provide travel awards for MSc/PhD students and Post-Doctoral / Early Stage Researchers (maximum 5 years after the latest degree). To be eligible, registration and submission of an abstract is mandatory! Travel award recipients will be automatically selected for oral presentation.
Application Deadline: March 15, 2022
To apply for a travel award, please download the form on our homepage and send it together with your proof of status (preferably in one PDF) to ictem@ukaachen.de.
If you are elected for a travel award you will receive max. 500  (European residents) or max. 1000  (oversea residents) travel support, but not more than your expenses (travel, accommodation, and registration). Details will be circulated at the end of selection process. The total budget for travel awards is 30.000 !
We wish all applicants good luck!
Best regards,
Lothar Rink
On behalf of the Travel Award Committee

  • Prof. Shannon Kelleher (ISZB)
  • Prof. Christer Hogstrand (ISZB)
  • PD Dr. Esther Humann-Ziehank (GMS)
  • Dr. Daniel Brugger (GMS)
  • Prof. Manju Reddy (TEMA)
  • Prof. Miguel Arredondo (TEMA)