Zinc Online Seminar series, 2020

Category : Events | MetalZOOM Posted on 2020-06-01 14:26:45
Zinc Online Seminar series, 2020

Due to the need to cancel the International Society for Zinc Biology meeting in Aachen for 2020, we decided to start a webinar mini-series to give a platform to young and old the less young alike to present their data and start discussions with the rest of the World. If you would like to sign up to the list of presenters please click on below and sign up to the mini-series that will be organized by Nick Pugh from Cambridge, UK:

4th of June, 4 pm GMT
Zinc is an intracellular messenger in platelets
Niaz Ahmed, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

18th of June, 5 pm GMT
Approaches of PET metallomics to non-invasively study zinc trafficking in vivo
George Firth, King’s College London, UK

25th of June, 4 pm GMT
Nutrient zinc as a factor determining persistence of pathogenic Leishmania in mammals
Teresa Leao, i3S – University of Porto, PT

2nd of July, 4 pm GMT
Physiological and biochemical responses of plants to zinc: an essential or harmful metal?
Adriano Sofo, Universty of Basilicata, IT

9th of July, 4 pm GMT
Zinc fingers and zinc sensing: Non-canonical adaptations of a common structural domain
Amanda Bird, The Ohio State University, USA

16th of July, 4 pm GMT
The effect of zinc on thymocyte maturation and thymic regeneration after acute damag
Lorenzo Lovino, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA

23rd of July, 4 pm GMT
Cyclotron produced Zn-63 and PET studies in Alzheimer’s patients
Tim Degrado, Mayo Clinic, USA

30th of July, 4 pm GMT
Josep Galceran, Universitat de Lleida, SP